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Lory Ventura





PAL offers mobile veterinary nursing care services to the Greater LA area. We bring nursing care and pet assistance into the comforts of your home. We are more than a groomer, but less than a vet. If your furbaby hates going to the vet or if you find yourself unable to fit in that visit for recheck bloodwork for you cat's kidney values, WE CAN HELP! From drawing blood in your home and delivering it to your regular veterinary office to administering medications that are too challenging for you to give yourself. We specialize in the administration of subcutaneous fluids and other injectable medications like B12 and adequan when prescribed by your doctor. We can also teach you to give these medications yourself when your pet needs regular administration. We can check your pet's blood pressure at home if they are too nervous in the office or help with simple things like nail trims and anal gland expressions. PAL offers a variety of services to help you provide the best care for your pet with the least amount of stress for everyone! Don't see the service you need listed? give us a call, we can probably help!

Established in 2017.

Sara Fletcher, DVM

Greensboro Mobile Veterinary Housecalls


North Carolina


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